DnD Credit is a company founded upon the principle that people are looking for financial solutions, answer questions and explain procedures that often seem confusing. Answering questions about increasing your CREDIT SCORES so you can qualify for a home or simply getting lower interest rates when borrowing money for whatever reason.


Don Harlow

Don brings to the table thirty-five plus years of helping people fulfill their dreams of home ownership. From helping buyers qualify for a mortgage, accumulate funds for closing, increase credit scores, stabilize employment or selecting the proper DPA (down payment assistance program), he's worn several different hats.

Over the years, while performing home buyer seminars, teaching real estate finance classes or being a guest speaker for various real estate functions as well as professional organizations, he has been proactive toward helping consumers.

Don has no problem in replying "I'm not sure or I don't know", but it's usually followed with, "Let me do some research and I'll try to get an answer for you".

Why not put Don's many years experience along with his relationships and contacts to work for you?